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  1. Trailer is a RISER 83 in wide by 14 feet long 2 blower racks 3 trimmer holder string holder and tool box on front extra set of 4 tires on rims . It has brakes. Always stored inside. Pick up in Rochester. Want it gone. First $4,500 takes it.
  2. Stop beating dead horse. I miss the sandy fish, too. Start a different thread. This one is focusing on rochester’s and the guys that commit their time to make it work.
  3. Offer your net in return for suggestions. Lol
  4. Someone will take it, eventually. TTT
  5. Next time, buy a Ranger.
  6. Fair price. I just love the persistence after 6 months with no interest.
  7. How many people gonna post these pictures?
  8. I was at the south end of the bay yesterday. It’s open down there to the Fish and Game Club but then the ice starts back up. Not sure what north end looks like
  9. www.jannsnetcraft.com search for: Airbrush kit
  10. Specific to your buddy’s pond: target them shortly after ice out until early April. (So shallow weeds will get annoying) Leeches are sometimes tough to find early in year but are best bait. Inlet vs outlet, that variable is on you to figure out.
  11. Orrrrr, you could just post pictures of what you have available/how much it will cost (like EVERYONE else does) and people will let you know if they want them or not.
  12. No, you tool. If I was trying for a failed attempt at liberal humor I would have posted this;
  13. Bruh, the topic title is literally “CROSS LAKE Ice Fishing Access”…. You really trying to ask what areas he’s looking for!?!? C’mon, Bob…. Get your head in the game. Season is here 👊🏼
  14. What’s ABEC rating? I’m not familiar with the reel
  15. Thanks for info. Never ended up making it out there. The guy that invited me no call no showed this morning. Still haven’t heard from him. I think he found out I’ve been nailing his mom for the past few years. Oh, well. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Anyone been out recently? How’s the ice? I’m making a trip Saturday.
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