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  1. Thanks for all the reports you posted! Good luck on the haddock, post some pictures!
  2. Thanks for the report, the flies are horrible, we use Avon Skin So Soft in the aerosol spray can. Works good.
  3. That's awesome! Really glad it worked out! Definitely makes it easier going solo!
  4. How did you come up with your copper at 30 feet down? Were you running them off boards?How many feet are your copper setups? We run meat rigs on our copper but you can use flasher/flies. A fishhawk to me is more important than a fish finder, definitely money well spent. Also you may want to consider going on a charter to shorten your learning curve. Or you can see if anyone is willing to take you out for the day and show you a few things. I'd offer but I'm out of state and when I do make it up I already have a crew with me.
  5. I second ASB, he has all the latest colors and best selection! I love that place!
  6. What were you running on your copper lines? What was your down speed and temp?
  7. Hard to beat the Shimano Tekota 600lc and the 700lc, I know they are a little pricey but you get what you pay for as they say.
  8. Very nice report, sounds like it keeps getting better! Great job guys!
  9. That is too funny, almost hit the floor laughing!!!
  10. I'd be in to give it a try if you could get it to you Olcott.
  11. I'd buy a Gambler Rig shirt, let us know when they are available!
  12. Cadillac Lake, MILake Winnebago, WI
  13. Those are a couple of awesome fish, congratulations!!!
  14. Yes the campground and Motel are still open, I really feel bad for George the owner. Some people just need to be hung up by their toes and stoned! Very sad that was a great little complex!
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