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  1. I love mine 22 foot Alumaweld hard top, a little of six foot clearance under the top. More room on the back deck than my 26 foot Thompson.
  2. They look like Michigan Stinger Scorpion spoons.
  3. Wow! Don't know who he is, never heard of him, but boy does he sound like a real a-hole! I hope you guys that live in that area get the word out to potential clients and maybe he'll have to sell a few of those eight boats! Less of that crap on the water is a good thing!
  4. Awesome boat, love mine! Do you have more pictures or plans/drawings on your tackle storage compartment against your transom? That looks great! Wouldn't mind building one myself.
  5. I'd like to purchase several tickets as well and may be able to attend. PayPal would work for me too.
  6. That's a memory that will last a lifetime! Awesome fish!
  7. Day three I spent the morning doing my other hobby. We went to the flea market in Wilson and I was looking for any antique duck or fish decoys...no luck☹️. Then we grabbed a bite to eat and drove by the lake and it looked fairly flat so we grabbed the boat and headed out. Launched about 3:30 and headed to the same area as the previous two days. The water temp we had was gone, so we did a little searching and found it again out in 450 feet. Setup with our deep program and had a fish fairly soon. It was only my brother and I and it was getting pretty windy and the waves started building. We had a steady pick of nice kings with the biggest 20 pounds but our sixth fish kept going back for an upgrade but it never happened. We got off the water by 7:00. Awesome weekend and can't wait to we get back!
  8. Thanks Chinook, We just use a plastic toolbox with UV and LED lights added.
  9. Our program was similar to Chinook Chaser 350 to 400 feet of water north of Wilson but we fished our lures a lot deeper, we use 600 cooper with a 12" UV green paddle and diabolical meat rig in the diabolical color using N&D cut bait from the Boat Doctor in Olcott. Our riggers were down 200 and 250 feet using spin doctors and flies in green glow which we charge all night. On our wire divers we use Moonshine spoons, bad toad, crab face, green jeans also charged all night. We caught the majority of our fish before 7:00 with doubles twice. Once it's starts getting fairly bright out we start switching to UV spin doctors/ UV flies and UV spoons. Not sure if all this glow and UV is that important or if it's that we are that confident in the program we run but it works for us and that's all that really matters. Our down speed was 2.6 and down temp was 46. I'd also like to give some credit to Greg and his wife at ASB Tackle in Newfane just south of Olcott for hooking us up with the latest and greatest tackle. Best tackle shop I've ever been in, they custom painted a few spin doctors and divers for us as well. Also we have learned a lot from Matt Yablonsky of Get The Net Wet Charters, he's an absolute wealth of knowledge and a great teacher and has helped us tremendously. It's hard to come from out of state and not have a starting point, but over the years have built a relationship with a few key people. So when we get here we have a good starting point and put a program together. I've been fishing this end of Ontario for over twenty years. Don't be afraid to think outside of the box, back in the beginning we fished up here with our walleye tackle and caught fish( lost a lot of tackle in the process) We would be happy to take you out with us, we come up often throughout the year. There is nothing like hands on experience to see our program rather than read about it. It's the greatest fishery in my eyes! You just can't thank all the people enough that do so much to keep this fishery so great.
  10. Thanks Lane! We had two great days, limited out both days before noon! When you get back from your around the world vacation we have to hookup and give these fish a pounding!!
  11. Thank you, No problem, you out here today again? The kings are bigger today!
  12. Between Wilson and Olcott, a shout out to Greg and his wife at ASB Tackle in Newfane just south of Olcott for hooking us up with the latest and greatest tackle! Best tackle shop around!!!!
  13. Those are some nice fish guys!!!
  14. Fire brine comes in different colors, some with UV as well.
  15. Just received the reels.....they are awesome!!!! Thank you very much, Bob
  16. Decoy Hound

    for sale : usa Tiara for sale

    A few more pictures on Sandusky, Ohio Craigslist
  17. Decoy Hound

    for sale : usa Tiara for sale

    Price reduction to $64,500
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