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  1. I found this on Michigan Sportsman site.
  2. Yeah sorry but your at the other end of the lake from where I fish. Niagara to Olcott area.
  3. Where are you located or where do you fish out of?
  4. Couldn't agree more, but I was dealing with the cannon brand, never would work, no wonder they discontinued it. Fish Hawk is awesome!
  5. You could try eating the herring for $10 bucks but it makes better bait! If you catch just one fish with that herring pack think of all the meat you get!
  6. Nice fish, when's the fish fry?
  7. That's awesome that it works so great, really happy for you!
  8. Received the rod holders today, perfect transaction! Thank you Dennis, wish everything went as smooth and easy as this went!
  9. Sounds like you stayed pretty busy by yourself, it can't be easy, I not brave enough to go at it alone! Thanks for the report!
  10. I think he was asking about the throttle controls
  11. Wow that really sucks, never heard of such a thing from a fly bite! The flies have been horrible this year, I use Avon skin so soft, seems to work good so far at repelling the flies. I really feel sorry for you, good luck!
  12. I think you scored, they sound awesome!
  13. It is the best marina I've ever used! It even has a shower in the restrooms for people that spend the weekend on their boat. And that raised concrete pad next to the fish cleaning station is for cleaning your coolers! Yes the greatest marina, couldn't agree more!
  14. Especially this year, we have so many under the legal size of 15 inches, we've been catching over 200 fish just to get our 18 legal size. Let me tell you it's too much like work, constantly moving rods and with the heat we've had....just no fun!
  15. You can't beat the A-Tom-Mik meat rigs, they definitely produce!
  16. Awesome report guys! Those are some nice fish! You are definitely lucky if you live close to such a great fishery! Just can't get motivated to fish my back yard (Erie) for walleye anymore, those fish you have can spoil a guy!
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