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  1. I would go medium action trolling rod in 8-9' length. I use the same 8'6" medium action Taloras for browns, walleye and salmon. The only thing I change is the line. People usually use braid or wire for dipsies (no stretch so the diver trips easier, better dive rate) so you'll generally need another setup for that. Twilli tip or roller rod if you go with wire.
  2. Ha. I totally misread his comment about the rod popping out. I see it now. Thanks, And yeah. I move those Fat AZ's up and down fairly often. Especially if I start banging rocks too hard I'll just push on the butt of the rod and tilt it up a bit. Still no problems with rods popping out.
  3. I use a UV Flashlight blacklight I got at Amazon. Those lights charge glow lures up in seconds. They also make them in strips that you could run into your fridge. Just an idea.
  4. I’ve got the fat AZ’s for downrods and Cisco long cradles for outrods and boards. I love the whole setup. No issue with the rod popping out because you just grab the rod and tilt it up toward 90 deg and pull up on it. Don’t have a pic of the full setup but what’s so nice about the tracks is you can change the configuration based on what you want to do and how many rods you can run in a given situation. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  5. If you're using a toothpick there's no need to double thru the bead.
  6. Ha! That's about how long I deliberate over buying baits. I'll have 20 baits in my cart at TRO for a month. Just look at them every couple of days. Then I finally decide I'm gonna pull the trigger and get it down to maybe 10 and place the order. Great service from TRO and MTO. The Whiskey Walleye is a beautiful pattern. Love that orange belly. How do you like the 2020 Assault Stick? I was thinking of getting one of the original Shock & Awes for throwing heavy baits but now am thinking about the 2020. Just wondering if it has the lightness and feel of a St. Croix since it has the price.
  7. I've been loading up since my last trip on 12/13. This is the new spring trolling lineup. I've got just as much for casting. Ugh.. I've also got 2 Boss Shads on the way and am still hoping to get my hands on a Baker or two. But that's it. I swear. No mas! These dang musky baits are just so pretty though. Look at this Apocalypse Perch paint job.
  8. I motored over to Oswego late morning yesterday since I couldn't launch there. Got setup looking for kings around 11:00. It was fairly slow but I hit a couple of pods. Fish are super healthy and energetic. Lots of screaming runs and jumps. Which may explain why I ended ended up 1/4 on kings. Also got a pretty sizeable laker and ended the day with a nice Atlantic. The Atlantic had an old tag beneath it's dorsal on one side. It was all crudded up and looked infected. I should have snapped a picture but didn't want to mess around anymore with it. Hope the fish is alright. It was a pretty specimen other than that.
  9. I always tied to floating rapalas when I was a kid like that too. Slide the knot all the way to the bottom and you have what they call a wake bait today. Wide wobble right on the surface. Pull the knot to the top and you get a tight wobble and deeper run. Was a great trick for stream fishing. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. I throw one in the mix when the bite is tough. They usually take a fish or two but I don’t run them too often because the usual stuff is firing. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. 2 1/2” Fin-S-Fish is pretty good. A #3 or 5 jigging rap with a couple of those spikes would work well too, I'm sure.
  12. That's what it looks like to me.
  13. I love Fireline for dipsies too. I like the crystal, personally. I have two setups with 30# crystal but those are to run regular and mag divers for kings on the big lake. For those little mini discs I would think more along 10-14# as long as there's no fleas. I use 10# for walleye and as stated above, actual breaking strength of Fireline is WAY above the rating.
  14. Awesome! Never got a fresh king in the yak. That had to be a blast.
  15. First off. Great fish, longspurs. Congrats Here’s my rig. Never gone for browns in it but the fall kings are fun. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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