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  1. Nice morning, perfect weather, first trip up since early August. Surface temp was lower by 4 degrees, nothing else much different, cold water down deep. Started in 85 feet and fished out to 160, most marks were inside 120. Very scattered, a few pods, but very few. Caught a mature female leaking very mature eggs and one nice brown, only hits of the morning. Lots of boats, saw one land a fish. Talked to a group that went 200 and out, they found empty water. Good Luck!
  2. All good info, I think I will try a different brand and/or braided I had brand new Mason snap three or so years ago, I called and they sent me a new spool, it was almost like it was a common occurrence, I should have changed then. i take great care of my equipment and check the line all the time, time for a change thanks for the tips i really just want the f...ing spoon back!
  3. Yes- Mason 7 strand 30# i check for kinks and broken strands constantly with my fingers
  4. I have had the wire line snap twice now about 30 to 50 feet up from the dipsey. Have good terminal tackle swivel etc at the end that attaches to dipsey, same with the mono to boats and fly or spoon etc. Its happened both times on big fish, long runs, no slack in the line etc. when retrieved I have those tight curls etc. im wondering if the board is spinning faster than swivels can handle when the fish runs and it just kinks it, then bye bye. anybody have this figured out
  5. Fished yesterday morning, perfect weather! Found some fish right around 200 feet, temp break was at about 90 feet down. Only hooked two but it was more encouraging than it’s been the last few weeks. Several boats stayed way inside and several went way north out of sight ! Both fish on same Moonshine spoon, nothing on several different fly/board combos, depths etc. Good Luck
  6. Thank you for providing the information! Very helpful! I will post a report when I go........next week!
  7. Anybody fishing the Sodus Area today, Thursday Aug 6? it would be helpful to here how anybody did etc, depths etc. Trying to figure what Friday might bring! thanks
  8. Yikes! Somebody needs to invent a Salmon call so we can “rattle” them in a little closer! Maybe a food plot in about 100 or 200 feet of water! Thanks for all the responses, maybe the big waves this week will move them closer to USA
  9. I fished that 80 to 100 water on the way in, late morning, for about an hour. Didn’t mark much and no hits, I was running what I consider to be King spoons and flys. The surface temp was 74 to 76 and those temps were the same to about 60 down. Water hasn’t changed much temps, down temps, etc in the last three weeks, just not finding fish or bait.
  10. Just a quick report very nice morning perfect conditions Got a nice male brown 7 or 8 pounds before getting third rod set in about 115 down 85 was nice temp break Fished out to 250 feet then moved west a couple of miles and headed back in, marked very few fish and no bait at all Never had another hit, a few boats well beyond 250 feet but most were headed in. where did the kings go?
  11. Does anybody have any Sodus area info from this week they want to pass on. Headed up in the am to give it a go, Hope the wave report is close this week, last couple trips they missed it badly! thanks
  12. You also may want to try running a few really short ones, like 16 inches or so. Watch what happens with the action and jerking motion of the fly or spoon behind the board when you set it. It gets way more action with the short leaders, some days it’s the only way they will hit it, it triggers strikes. have to set your drags a little looser because with the short leader, less stretch more leverage for fishy!
  13. That report is on the money! yesterday had a lot of boats and a lot of Steelhead, I found the kings were a little more inside of that 225 line, water temps were about the same right in to 80 feet.my guess is those other big boats that were running way in found those kings too. epic day for hits for sure
  14. 2 Penn 180 Reels 1 Abu Garcia Black Max 3 1 Diawa Procaster PMA 10s All good working order, drags clickers etc. send me a reasonable offer and take all 4 or will seperate buyer pays shipping, I’m in Elmira Watkins Glen area
  15. When I figured it at I switched to all spoons except for one flasher fly combo set straight back that was run very deep,
  16. Just a heads up to you guys fishing today, I fished yesterday morning. speed was critical, 2.9 to 3.1 and they hit everything you put down that was green or ladderbacked anything under that strikes were hard to come by FYI
  17. Thanks for posting a Sodus Report Did you take awater temp readingdown 50/60 at 140/160? thanks
  18. Thank you for the info and the positive comments and reply’s!
  19. Does anybody know of a good replica mount taxidermy person in the Rochester or General area? my daughter caught her first Lake Ontario fish today an 18 pound laker, looking to get a replica
  20. Thanks for the info, it’s a really nice morning. started in about 130 strong west wind, a little choppy, some fish marks, surface was 68 down at 100 to get 45 degrees. Two hits right away, didn’t get either fish, then a hookup on a big laker, weighted in at 18 pounds at North Rose scale. By then we were almost to Oswego, took about an hour and 45 minutes to get back to Sodus going very slow, very rough by 10 am thanks again for sharing info
  21. Thanks for the post, headed that way right now!
  22. Thanks a lot for the report, that’s about the same as it was 10 days ago
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