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  1. Had some guy park his kayak 5' from my baits this morning. I could have tossed a rig in his lap with no problem.
  2. What are the details? Fees, limits, rules, etc?
  3. When I was a kid, I used to put a trap in a creek to catch them as bait. Or sometimes you could just flip over a few rocks.
  4. Is that one of the rear drag models? I've been using this one with 8lb mono for shore fishing Skaneateles. It's worked well so far, but there feels like there's flex in the reel seat on the rod. After the bows and landlocks get sketchy, I'll tear into it and see what's going on.
  5. Spent my life using spinning reels, so I go for left-hand retrieve on baitcasters. I'm not fond of switching hands after a cast anyway.
  6. Worm and marshmallow, and added half a chartreuse and red foam hearing protector on one of them.
  7. Parked at the top of the hill and hiked down to Lourdes yesterday. I think I was the only human for about a mile in every direction. It was absolute serenity. Just me, a few quackers, honkers, and a cople of crows. The sun even made an appearance, Caught my limit, threw 2 bows back, kept one and the 2 salmon. What a terrible morning,
  8. rbochan

    for sale : usa 14' Boat

  9. It's funny. I asked a DEC officer a few questions a while back, mostly about what was going on with lake levels and fishery health. His reply was. "I don't know these things, they just give me a gun and a book of tickets to write." Glorified tax collectors.
  10. Tape is fine too, but who doesn't have a spool of cheap, crappy mono laying around?
  11. Wish I had the cash and freezer space right now.
  12. A buddy of mine has a Lexa 300 series. It's a great reel. I almost bought one myself after trying his, but went with an Okuma Citrix 350 series insteaed.
  13. I've seen more than one humped Tiger as well, but that sure looks like him. I've caught one missing half it's face a couple of times too. I call him Harvey Dent.
  14. I've caught him twice in the last 2 years. I've seen him caught at least a half dozen other times. He hung out on the South side of the Causeway until the lake got so low this last summer.
  15. Humpy sighting! I haven't seen him since about June. I was beginning to fear the worst...
  16. Happy New Year everyone! It sure started out good. Landed this 25" Rainbow this morning - my personal best! She was full of eggs and healthy after a half hour on the stringer, so she got released back into Skaneateles...
  17. The 5th one is probably my favorite. My mom's been going to Skaneateles since she was a child. I got her a fishing license for Mother's day. She got her first Rainbow out of that lake at 81 years old.
  18. Those are beauties. I still have an old Garcia Kingfisher that I still use.
  19. I drove by the north end today and saw a few vehicles parked and a handful of folks out on the ice.
  20. I have a flat file, a couple of small 1/2 round files, and a small stone. Whichever hook I'm using from 6/0 circles to #4 bait-holder hooks seems to be covered. They take up very little space, and I want sticky sharp hooks for every thing. I check hooks often.
  21. http://www.savagegear-usa.com/product/view/lures/real-series/real-trout-swimbait-1
  22. Favorites? Bucher Top Raider Savage Gear 10" Line Through Trout Sennett Pacemaker Mepps Musky Killer, various colors Flicker Shads
  23. Not all of us bait fisherman take anything for granted.
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