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  1. Thanks. I am here now and as you know its 20-22 mph so Oneida may be a option.
  2. I fished commercially for over 30 years using TDs because of reasons mentioned above the 12000 line on the 9960 chain follows the edge of the bottom almost perfectly, and many guys still reference areas to fish in TDs
  3. Yes just like that. I stopped by West Marine today in Watertown but the charts they had did not have TDs
  4. I will be fishing out of Henderson from Aug 5-9. I plan on taking one morning to try to get a walleye as I have always wanted to catch one but never seen one. I have a 20' Duckworth. I am leaning to trying Oneida for a morning unless there is a decent chance near Henderson where I may have a good chance at catching a few. Any areas close to Henderson or Oneida? Depths, baits? Thanks
  5. I was just reading the name on the "Fishing Hot Spots" chart. I did see the "Wall" your referring to in the shipping lane. So how are these areas producing now? The Wall (shipping lane) and the Trench.
  6. I have the Nobel Tec Time Zero Explorer I use on commercial vessels for scallop fishing and the option to lay TDs over the charts are on that program. I have not checked on my Garmin yet
  7. Yes, The area from the "Trench to the Wall" just west of Stony Point 116-150' of water
  8. I have caught 1,000s with a Sabiki rig in the ocean at depths of 2-275'. We just put a 1 lb bell sinker on the rig. Those rigs will catch about anuthing from a 5" elwive to a 6' poorbeagal.
  9. Is there any salmon or trout in this area this time of the year? I will be in Henderson Wed-Sun
  10. guffins, Many of the plotters we use have the ability to overlay TDs on the charting screen. This is much more useful then lat long on many levels. I will dig a little deeper into my Garmin Ultra to see if that feature is offered.
  11. As a commercial fisherman for almost 40 years here in Maine. TDs are what we always have used for the same reason Bill S mentioned.
  12. Is there a place where I can purchase charts on LO showing TDs?
  13. I plan on taking the wife out for 3-4 days 5th-9th this week. How have the kings/steal head been biting? I was there July 10-11 and did very well but I haven't herd how the bite is recently.
  14. I am bringing my wife out Aug 5th-9 to fish out of Henderson. I have a 20'6" Duckworth. I will be fishing for kings and Lakers mostly but I have always wanted to catch a walleye. We don't have them here in Maine. Are there many caught this time of the year? Thanks in advance
  15. Kayaker, That was it. Thanks all fixed.
  16. I think your right that does sound like the problem now that you mention it. And no I did not put tape or mono backing. My bad
  17. I bought 4 of these new this year 2 for riggers and 2 for leadcore. The two i just recently got for rigger rods are giving me trouble. I loaded them with 50 lb braid and 15 lb Big Game for a leader. The first trip out I had almost no drag with one of them. Yesterday I had almost no drag with both and no clicker while they were creeping out line. So bad I could not begin to load the rods. I messed with them and had a slight improvement of maybe 1.5-2 lbs of drag max. I went into my shop this morning to remove the line and return the reels.But, this morning both reels seeded to work fine. I am planing a trip to Lake O in August. I will try them again but I dont want any issues returning these if I drag my feet. I also am concerned they may not work properly when I go on my trip. Have any of you had issues with new Accudepth reels? I did find a site that sells upgraded drag washers but I am reluctant to tear these new reels apart and chance voiding the warrentee
  18. Its everything I had hoped for and more. It gets up on plane very quick and its very efficient. So far I have 130 hrs on the main engine and 25-30 on the kicker. I had it 14 miles out in the ocean and it handled the seas perfectly. I have been pleased with the dealer. He did everything he said and for a fair price. I am taking it to Lake O August 9-12
  19. I know the kings run up the rivers in the fall attempting to spawn and I see there are organizations that strip fish of their eggs for the hatchery. But are there naturally spawning king salmon in Lake O or is it all supported by stocking?
  20. My buddy is looking for a boat like this. Dave, I passed on your information. I will never own another glass boat.
  21. I just bought a new 20' Duckworth. Wish I would have seen this steal.......
  22. I have had Navionics for years. The "Fishing Hot Spots" was what I was referring to. It explains what different areas are called. Like the "shipping lane, the wall" as well as other fishing areas.
  23. Is there a fishing chart that shows these areas? We have them on the east coast for the ocean.
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