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My Dad’s Legacy

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This split bamboo rod was made by my dad. If you look closely you can see Ward G Legg. 
  It was  missing for many years and my brother Keith found it and passed it to me. Must be 70-80 years old. 
  I wanted to fish it one time and my goal was to catch a limit but I came up one short as the reel seat glue loosened and I retired it. Great memories of a great father.


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Thanks for sharing that  video!

I fortunately had many great days with my dad. Was even born on his birthday and married on his anniversary. 
He died at age 70 and was found laying next to a 4 point buck he had shot on opening day of a heart attack. It was the day after our birthday. I turned 70 in November and did go deer hunting that day and had many thoughts of the times we shared.

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My father passed June 3rd at 87. He lived a beautiful life so I will miss him but not grieve. 
This was on his boat, now it’s on mine. 
Blessed and proud. 



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