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Lines in about 530am we were the first boat out in  100 fow west of the Genny. It’s amazing what a week makes as the 50 degree temp was at 55 feet down! 


Set on an east troll with riggers set at 50 feet with a green hulk 8in spin doctor with a fly and the other rigger at 55 with my go to green night and a gold NBK free slider. 


Dipseys were parked at 30 and 55 feet down. 


We caught all our silvers  above 55 feet and the only laker on the bottom at 130.   Laker was on green jeans glow flasher with an alien glow gambler spin n glow.  


Mostly a rigger and dipsey bite for us but did get 1 king  on the 7 color and an Atlantic on a 150 copper. 


Went 10 for 13 with a couple doubles and almost a triple.  8 kings, 1 laker and an Atlantic back at the dock by 1030am


The chinook diver #3 and the hulk flasher fly Matt brought  took most of the fish! Thanks @Hickel24 for bringing some gear!! 


Best depth was 110 to 150 fow.  We were able to get away from the pack and after we found some good bait we just circled them all morning for a nice steady pick!  














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