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Blood Run Sea Flee line Dia?

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Go to Wallmart and get 50 lb test Shakespeare line.  Very inexpensive, about $4.  1 spool will do 3 or 4 rods. Put on 150 or so ft of the 50 over a 3/4 filled reel, than 25 ft of quality 25 lb test fluorocarbon leader.  Watch your knots so they are not so big such that they can't go thru eyes and levelwind eye. The 150 ft will be vertical when you use rigger and the diameter of the 50 lb  is such that the fleas can't grab it. Horizontally from release to lure will be 25 lb fluoro but fleas don't grab much in horizontal position. Been doing this for many years and don't have a problem with fleas.

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