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I waited for the rain to stop this morning and squeezed a couple hours in before the predicted PM thunder/rain.  Stayed close to the bay in case I needed to make a run for it.  Saw many marks in the 75 fow range in front of Shipbuilders.  Managed 2 mature kings, both 65' down over 75', both on a DW silver alewife.  19 and 18 lbs.  They did not want to leave the bottom of the lake. 


This is it for me for the season due to some vacation time and the fact that my Furano sonar unit kept losing power and shutting off.  The unit is 10+ years old and I think the strain/curvature on the cables as they are plugged in may have caused some internal wire breakage or poor connection within one of the connectors.  Best of luck to you that keep chasing the chrome.



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