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5.7 cobra? Worth it?

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Hey everyone, newcomer here. Been a long time water person and fisher, but new into downrigger fishing. 

found a deal on a 1991 four winns boat from an old friend. Boat has a 5.7 cobra motor and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them and if they’re worth it? 

also how easy it is to use a boat of this style for fishing? 




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What outdrive is on it ? OMC have not been made in decades ,parts are not always easy to find like a Mercruiser over the counter part . Cobra engines I've been told are not that desirable for the same reason . The hull itself ,without seeing if it has a doghouse or the motor is under the deck , isn't something I would be looking at for a fishing boat . Can it be done , yes , bit probably wont be a comfortable boat to fish out of . Where are you mounting the tracks ,downriggers, rod holders etc  is something to consider . Boat reg number indicates it's a S Carolina boat ,salt or fresh water ? Stringers and transom need to be verified as solid . Your looking at a 35 year old boat with no knowledge of how its been stored over the years . 

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I had a 5.0 OMC cobra  305 Chevy . 5.7 is 350. . It ran great when it did but it had it's issues . I change my distributor from points to electronic for 1 k . Had other issues also .Shift cable ( pull engine to fix ) carb rebuild etc .  I/O outdrives are high maintenance and expensive to fix. Also I put axlot of hrs in it . Rebuilt the motor 3.5 k , rebuilt the lower unit 4 k . 


A 91is an old boat . Could be hull / stringer issues which are crazy expensive to fix . 


That's not a fishing boat IMO . 

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I would keep looking. Not a 4winns fan and not really a fish friendly boat. I would put it in the category of a family day cruiser that dad can occasionally. fish on until the wife sees you drilling holes!

The Cobra's are ok. A step up from the previous OMC's but still not as easy to work on or for parts as merc.


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