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7’6” or 7’ rod for wire? Not roller.

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I have some twili tips, looking for 7-7’6” foot rods for wire diver. Will the aluminum oxide rings on standard talora rods work? Or TDR with same guides? If not any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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Standard rings with a twilly tip will work fine.  I would be concerned that a shorter rod doesnt have enough forgiveness for a diver especially a large one.  Big advantage in running a longer leader with a longer rod as well as working fish around riggers, outboards etc.  A short one will work fine I'm sure but most of the rods specifically designed for wire divers are  9 or better.  I think all of mine are 10 footers.


Most of my shorter freshwater rods designed for trolling dont have near enough backbone for a diver. If you have some heavier ones they should work fine.  If you arent sure, run your TDR.  At least if something goes wrong you arent out an expensive rod.


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