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On Friday I’m having hip replacement surgery so with rain in the forecast my wife offered to join me for my last fishing for a while.

Even though with no wind the mosquitoes were vicious, we caught our limit within an hour and a half.  I guess I have my IMG_7742.thumb.jpeg.117a8489bb675c7ef331e7348f0e7304.jpegfish fix for a while!

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Good luck on your replacement of the ol hip.  Im sure you will recover fast. Be out fishing in no time.  Those surgeries have come a long way. 🎣

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Had a good night for my first one post sugery. Managed to stay in the recliner from 10:00-6:00 with limited pain. 
Now catching up on meds, icing, and moving protocal. Minor seeping and some bruising at incision site but not much.
Couldn’t have a better caregiver than Donna Smith Legg.

Day 2 I went to church and took a walk around my garden.

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