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Fishing camp for sale/SOLD !!!

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Glad everything went well for you Richard. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

I brought the awning frame and antenna over to your campsight this morning.

I see you already got a deck. LOL

Didn't waste any time. :)


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Asked Jeff if anyone had a deck that they weren't using he called a fella up all told I saved 50 bucks. Wife said jeff called Saturday said it was set up I had thought it was suppossed to be Wendesday when we'd both get to set er up but hey one less thing. so now I gotta get some esentials and firm up the floor. See Ya Later Again Much Appreciated

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Look on the wall for the switch plate that says "water heater". With the thumb and forefinger slightly extended, grasp the toggle switch and gently push the switch to the upward position. You will hear the propane in the water heater compartment ignite, which is a sure indication you will have hot water in a few minutes. :P

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