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How late is to late???


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Hey Guys,

I took our first trip up to Oswego on 8/20 but an Illness in my nephews family ended our trip after one day of fishing :( We did well for newbies going 3 for 3 all kings 12lb, 15.9lb and 23.11lbs. My question is this - I can come back up either 9/16 - 9/20 or 9/23 - 9/26 and was wondering what is to late for trolling for kings on the lake.

Any help would be great.



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Last year while guys were battling the blow boats and each other around the mouth of the Genny, we headed off-shore most days and nights and the steelhead fishing was the best of the season.

Good luck,

- Chris

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Does anybody have a sense of how far out (FOW) I would need to go to get into steelies off the mouth of the Salmon River? If it's 250-350', I'm curious how far out I gotta go to get there, I don't have a contour map in front of me.

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