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seneca 10/18


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fished seneca today with trolling keuka and kremer01. we went 7 for 8 with 2 landlocks and 5 lakers. we took 1 landlock off a gator spoon and the other one came off a green dolphin spin dr and proctologist fly from big weenie. the green dolphin and yellow killer flies from big weenie was our top producers for the day.

what suprised me the most today was our wires was picking up fleas. there was lots of bait and fish all around it. water temp was 54 degs. all the fish came at depths of 80 to 100 on the riggers and 220 to 240 on the wires.

tuesday weather looks good thinking about heading out.

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thanks for a great morning on the water. Here is a pic of my son Karter with one of the lakers. Sorry no really good pics of the rest or the LL's - my cell phone camera sucks! :no: The LL's were about 19 and 20 inches and nice and fat (and yummy) :inlove:

We had them for dinner last night :yes: I wish I had a pic of them they were very healthy and well fed.....and now we are well fed :)


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