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The bottom of my boat is painted with Abaltive Copolymer paint.

The kind that will rub off on your hand.

Anyway, I'm at the point that it needs to be completely repainted, and

the marina soaked me last time, so I'm going to try it myself this time.

I know that the surface has to be sanded....I'm wondering if this is

basically just to "scuff" it or does it really need to be taken down?

Anyone have tips on this?


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John, you really need to take it right down. Any residual old paint that you leave on will remove the new paint when it flakes off. Sanding the bottom with a medium grit paper will do the trick. Ask your local marine supply store for their recommendation on the grit number. I think you will be happier with the results if you take a little extra time with sanding.

Just my thoughts from experience.

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Do your research on the web. That's what I did and there is a ton of good advise. I used ablative as well. It's a nasty, dirty job and you really need to protect yourself from breathing in the sanding dust. From what I read, It needs to be done right or it may blister and fail.

Good Luck!

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