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Seneca 4/17


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Fished with Jason today out of severne had an awesome day and found some hungry fish, had a stiff west wind lake picked up a little and then layed back down flat! Fished from 6:30 to around 1:30 and put 30+ fish in the boat all hit on SD and BW flies off riggers and dipsys. Thanks Jason for all the tips and a great day on the water! Hope to do it again! Camera was dead Jason got some pics! Overall great day :D

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justin sent me a pm asking if i was willing to go out and give him some pointers.... i said sure....after ten mins of showing him some of my tricks we started catching fish....we had lots of doubles and a triple.....all i keep hearing all day is they where happy to catch a lot of fish and that they are going to make a order of big weenie flys before the lake trout derby......the pole dancer, the bi fly, proctologist,toxic waste,fruity frostsicle...all hot flys today...... here are some of the pics from our fishing trip.......thank you for inviting me out justin and rick i had lots of fun....


rick with a nice fish


justin with a nice looking fish


i love the color of this fish dark green with white patterns



the pole dancer ten seconds in the water.....


here is what rick was dreaming about while he was sleeping...moaning something like baby i love you....

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jason , maybe you should start stream fishing , and leave the first two bums on the lake ,three guys in a boat playing with their "BIGWEENIES" and i was stuck all alone with Paula ,showing her how to handle a flyrod.....on second thought I'll cover the streams and you stay on the lake.... 8)

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Ray, i understand your perspective...once a guy gets over a certain age, it's a lot easier to cover the stream than it is to get the stream going :)

Or is it the other way around?

Either or, I can tell from the way she's holding the rod that she doesn't have much experience. Without proper instruction someone's likely to get hurt. Might as well be me.


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Nice Justin.....awesome day on the water!! Next time you are on the water that early...put that special Big Weenie fly down that I sent you ;)

Pole Dancer, Proctologist, fruity frostsicles....all must have Big Weenie flys!!

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