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Striper, I'm here in the back ground but I have been a very busy man lately :) My old man isn't doing very well so I have been spending alot of time going back and forth to maine so I haven't had a lot of free time. I miss talking and posting here I hope things get better soon so I can get back to posting like old time.I also started a new job this spring and we are very busy. I am trying to get back into real life again but it's not as easy as it sounds. Hope you and the family have a great Holiday.

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this is striper2 hope everything is going well with you and your famly

iam fully semi retired now, back @ the boat shop 2 days a week

fire me a pm , if you get a chance Best Of Luck This fish`n season


Now that is a nice striper !

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thanks i got that in 2010, from the hudson. she was all spawned out

didnt land any that size this yr. owell, got a email from kris Mcshane

dec. says we can still use live herring next yr. so far. and transport the herring home, and back to the river, thats good news

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Hi guys Im still kicking :lol: Been very busy really havn't had a chance to sit down and post like the old days. but I'm heading up to the oak to fish with Manac at the end of the month looking forward to that.Dads hanging in there in a wheel chair now not getting around like he used to not much I can do but see him when I can.Musky Miss you too Man ;(

Striper I will shoot you a pm when I get a chance.

Miss shooting the bull with everyone hope that changes soon .Have a good one all Later

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I heard that you became a part time bass fisherman,and stated a new business as a chicken clothing designer.Mini Skirts on chickens?.

I miss your phone calls.I'll be up in Olcott next week,you're welcome aboard if your in the area.

Hope all in Maine is well,and sorry about your dad.

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Been great wokin Erbys fingers to the bone in the shop...LOL just ask him I'm a slave driver! I'm just hopin egg prices go even higher I can get over 2.00 doz wholesale for free range eggs and then who be gettin a new boat ????

Talk to you soon


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