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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:




Date(s):6/30 7/1 2 3 4

Time on Water:4o hrs

Weather/Temp:Waves: flat to choppy

Surface Temp: 64

Location:braddocks to hedges





Total Hits: ????? too many (good problem)

Total Boated:97

Species Breakdown:Kings browns lakers steelhead

Hot Lure: White paddles green flys

Trolling Speed: 2.5 2.7

Down Speed: same

Lure Depth: 77 to 140

====================Fishing has gone into the summer mode rather quickly. The bite has been unreal for all sorts of fish. The 2 year old kings showed up in numbers 8/2 and havent left as of today. The bait is scatterd everywhere and so are the fish. The best bite for me has been 150 to 250 ft of water. Spinnies and flys by far are the salmon preference. Steelheads and browns are chewing spoons in the upper warmer water. Deep ice water has beeen productive for the salmon as well, with lakers sprinkled in there. The water from braddocks to hedges is all the same picture, take your pick. There are some older kings around, but not in big numbers yet. Things are looking great so far. Good luck.



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Thank goodness the summer has just started on my calendar!! :rofl::rofl: I will be crying like a little boy at the end of the fishing season!!!

Regardless of the dates, Bruce, you re right we re very fortunate to have this great fishery in our backyard.

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