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Mercury Verado


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Any of you guy have any knowledge on the Mercury Verado?

After 4 years of frustration Mercury has finally determined that they cannot repair my Optimax with that I'm going back to a 4 cycle so I'm seeking info on a Verado or the new 150 EFI.


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The Verado would be my choice but thats only because of the refinements done to the motor, but if you use it during cold weather I'd be VERY scared of a supercharged motor in freezing weather. I run an ETEC and love everything about it.

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Spent two years in the Merc engine plant as lead QAE for the engine machining & assembly plant, & the tolerances are the same for Opti's, & Verado's. The question still stands:

Iceman wrote:

What does supercharging have to do with cold/freezing weather?

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