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Planer Boards? Which ones?

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inline or big boards

in line the off shores are best

big boards homemade are best..... super ski's are good....have not used the plastic ones like gander has.....otter boards are over rated and over priced

The plastic ones at gander suck majorly. I have seem them in choppy water and they run like crap along with flipping and tons of leaping.

I run homemades and they are awesome. They do take a little adjusting to get them running right but well worth the extra time it takes to make a set. Plus the cost savings offsets the effort IMHO.

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i just looked at the plans to make my own on one of the other topics. i just had to make one and just copied the peices that where left came out very well. but i want a better pulling board. are 3 planes better than 2, how long is to long and when i made the repliclas i sealed them... good idea or bad idea??? one persone was saying let them swell up and they would do better ???? true??? and what about weight how do you know when theres " the right amount".

im just a poor fisherman looking to better his gear the cheapest way he can... gas is bad enough

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if you do some searching (google, bing, etc.) there are plans for a three board planer out there someplace. I've seen them, but have no recollection of where or how I got to them. Me, I would paint or seal them. If you're using good hardwood, they'll weigh enough and you won't have to worry about them rotting.

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if you use cedar youll have to weigh them a little bit but they float well and last a long long time. pine works OK, just have to seal it up so it doesnt get warped and crack. the best wood to use is ash or maple that i have found because they float but are already heavey. the ones i made have no problem pulling out 150 feet of dacron and running 3 stickbaits or even threeway rigged diving stickbait spoon rigs in rough water. the gander yellow plastic ones work ok but these wood ones are much better. those yellow plastic ones from gander will start to leak eventually and sink. that is a serius problem when it happens. been there done that. making your own is cost effective and advised. it may not look fancy but nothing beats having a great day of fishing using equipment you made and can work better than more expensive equipment.

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I built a pair 10 years ago to mimic a leading type. There were some interesting things to take into concideration. To help run true and pull hard and not dive in heavy seas there are some things you can do.

1. Weight the boards on the bottem. I routered out a groove and embedded stick on wheel weight material

2. This weight should be bias toward the trailing edge of the boards. This helps them to not dive

3. Rather than running the boards parellal, add Toe in to your boards just like a car

4. Add camber to your boards, Think of how they are going to pull from an elevated mast and tweak them for more bite.

These have worked great for me to include pulling a 400, and a 500 copper last year. Now everything can be improved. this last year I left mine in the live well. The submerged one no longer floated. Man did that one pull hard and out this spring but it would sink on an inside turn. My next set are going to be 3ft long and 11in tall . Weighted heavilly to put as much board "Keel" in the water as possible. That appears to be the ticket to me. My old ones are 24in long.



These were made of pine wraped with hobbie weight fiberglass.

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