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What all are you looking for? I have made around a dozen center pin rods in my life. Haven't done any musky rods or any others in the past 6 years but still have some of the stuff hanging around.

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I have done some rebuilds and new handles on a few rods in the past. The guides are not very bad, if they are going back in the same location the area needs to be cleaned of residual epoxy and the new wrap needs to extend slightly past the original edges.

Handles are alot more work. Stipping the handle can be real pain, then the clean up and epoxy removal can take alot of work. Most guys that want a handle rebuild want to go from a solid handle and rear grip to a split grip, without a lotta luck and some hard work you almost always have to run a thread wrap up the uncovered split rear grip as the glue/epoxy from the original handle can create a mess that even when sanded looks like A$$.

I don't do this for money, I still consider myself a beginner, but I think I have accomplished some great rods including some nice rebuilds, if you are patient anyone can do all of this stuff with some basic tools and time.

Good luck & post up some pictures of before and after.


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There is a guy in Elbridge Ny that repaired a bunch of my rods this year and he also builds split bamboo fly rods he is really cheap and does great work. I was freaked when I had a mouse chew 2 handles on my Team diawa rods and he made them great again.

His name is Dave and his number is 315 689 7896. Great guy and the person that recommended him to me says he could fix a rain cloud and I kinda don't doubt that now.

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