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IBay Sunday 7/29/12 - good fishing

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Fishing Report

Chris / Liv n' Ellie:




Date(s): Sunday 7/29/12

Time on Water: 5:30 AM til 9:30 AM

Weather/Temp: sunny, 70's

Wind Speed/Direction: gentle SW

Waves: 1-2' early

Surface Temp: 73-74

Location: I-Bay east and west





Total Hits: 12

Total Boated: 6 or 7

Species Breakdown: chinook, steelhead

Hot Lure: see below

Trolling Speed: 2.8-3.5 sog

Down Speed: 2.3-2.6 Subtroll

Boat Depth: 120'-280'

Lure Depth: see below




Fished with my good bud Anthony again and it was another fine day, other than my intermittent high temp/low outdrive oil/low oil pressure alarm chirping every fifteen minutes. Our gameplan was to try and put another LOC fish on the board, so we wanted to target bigger fish early. We started in 120' and right off the bat when setting lines we had a hit on the 115' rigger (buried down in the 43 degree water). We lost it - probably a nice 20# fish, but then managed to have hits on everything we had in the water. This included 115' rigger (later moved up to 100'), 85' rigger (later moved up to 65'), wires set at 275' and 250', 400' copper and 300' copper. The best depth seemed to be around 200 to 220' and we hit a school at one point that hit five out of our six rods within 20 minutes.

We had an absolute screamer smash our 85' rigger (NK-29 42 sec. spoon) and take out 600' of line until it shook after we tried to slow the boat a bit.

All in all, I wish we could have stayed out longer, but the intermittent alarm had me a bit nervous. It's probably a bad sensor, b/c we had perfect oil pressure, temp, and lower unit oil levels.

Lots of boat traffic today, and we saw one or two fighting fish. No pics today for some reason - I was a little concerned with the alarm so I forgot to take some pics. Man what a year with both quality and quantity this year.

The following took hits today:

wire 250' - white/green dot SD/Hammer fly

wire 275' - green nuclear SD/42 sec. fly

copper 400' - 42 sec SD/green glow fly

copper 300' - gator SD/mirage fly

riggers 65'-115' - NK 42 sec, Bob Fuller's Evil twin black glow and Freaking Flog glow (awesome spoons with awesome glow by the way)

sliders - Stinger NBK, DW SS Steelie Dan free sliders

Good luck to all,

- Chris

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You sound like me, an alarm or small problem and cant stop worrying about it until it's fixed, really can put a damper on things :(

I couldnt get my copper to budge this weekend!

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Thanks Nick for the support - you are definitely not the only one who worries. I had perfect engine temp, oil pressure and lower unit oil level, so my guess is the "chirping" of the alarm every 10-15 minutes could be a sensor issue. We'll see - as always thanks for your great play-by-play reports. I love 'em.

'til next week,

- Chris

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That was a real fun morning of fishing on your boat! I am very glad your boat ran fine despite the occasional alarm chirps.

The best hit yesterday was hard to swallow one because when that fish took off the with 42nd spoon from the 85 rigger, I knew it was a serious big bad King as it took off like diving submarine ready to engage into a battle mode. The fish torpedoed immediately instead of the traditional fight when the fish would start swimming away from the boat and breaking out the surface. This did not happen, it just went down and down before it disappeared.

It is one of those things that makes fisherman like you and I want to come back for more. :clap:

By the way, my family was very happy when they saw a nice grilled steelhead and salmon fillets on their dinner plates.

Thanks for the excellent adventure!

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My old boat with an OB had a bad sensor under the ignition that caused it to chirp but I also had it chirp when weeds covered up the intake and temps rose. I used to dock at Mayers and the weeds were horrible this time of the year... so it's possible that water pressure and or temp was a sensed issue with the system due to an obstruction.

Anyway, nice work out there and a continuation of a great season. I feel your pain with the ones that got away. the comparison of the high 20's fish we landed against all of the low to mid 20's was night and day, bounce that back to many of them we lost with tackle failures and losses after a long battle and I know we left at least a handful of 30lb class fish on the table, esp on Thursday.

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