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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: UpGrady




Date(s): 7/26 zthru 7/28

Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits:

Total Boated:

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth:




My brother was up for his annual visit from South Carolina to re-acquaint himself with the Big O. Despite the forecasts, we managed to put in full days thursday thru saturday. Wind and or storms kind of forced us to sit back and delay our starts each day, but it really did not matter, the king bite pretty much held up every day. Thursday was a banner day, setting up at 9am after the storms and fishing until 4pm, rods were moving every 15-20 minutes like clockwork and the fish were big. The biggest ones lived to swim another day as they tore up my tackle like no other day I can ever remember. The bites were mainly coming on the wires with spinnies and they were savage, many long runs only to end in a disappionting tackle failure of missing trebles, straightened out split rings, blown out snubbers and busted wires. The fish we did boat were all in the 18-22lb range as well as a few teenagers mixed in. All in all a very expensive day! We spent all day in 120-160 fow. 80-90 down, 200' mag diver and 280' regular diver on 2's. Dinosaur BBQ capped off a stellar day.

Friday morning we were greated with a nice NE blow, so we held back and ran to Jay-Ve to replenish some supplies, then headed out into the swells about 8, the day started hot in the same water with more matures in the 21-24lb range and about 11am it died, we continued to work them over until they diappeared, so we ventured offshore to see what would happen. Ended up picking some teenagers, steelhead and nice 16lb laker during the afternoon before we called the quits and headed to Tahou's! 80-100 on riggers, divers were somehwat quiet today. Steelhead in the 50-60ft range offshore.

Saturday morning we had grand ambitions of hitting it early only to be faced with another NE wind and storms... we did make it out around 7am and set lines on a south troll in 170 fow. First mature went off in 150 fow and then it got slow, but the fish were there. The boat traffic was a bit tough in the area but almost everyone continued north. We stuck it out and by 9am the big boys were playing again, even had a nice 17lb laker mixed in and an 11lb brown for good measure. 130-150 fow was the zone. Riggers at 80 and 100, wires at 230-240. Once it hit about noon the bite slowed as storms were brewing and the wind shifted north and kicked up again, but we picked some small fish, we even went old school on them with dodger squid setups for an hour until the wind kicked up. About 3pm after we had drifted into 100fow, the 240 wire starts screaming...finally a fish that was staying on and clearly bigger than the 18-24's we have been boating for the past three days... 1/2 hour later and we have a beautiful 28lber on board. So, it ended up as a great day, with three new boat records for Laker, Brown and King since I took back ownership 6 years ago... Time to pull lines on that note and grill a couple of big ribeyes back at the ranch...

It was killing me this morning driving Lars back to the airport at 5:30am not to be on a somewhat calm lake today, but thankful that the weather cooperated as well as it did for us for the three days that we had...


Me with one of the many "small" matures


Brother Lars with his 17lb Laker


Me with 11lb Brown


Lars with the Big King for the Weekend

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I was having the same issue with tackle this evening. I didn't loose any baits but, had to retie 3 flies. Even the last small salmon ripped up the fly leader. Have to remember to retie that before it goes back out. The hooks on one treble were smashed with one point breaking off in a salmons mouth as I tried to unhook it.

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Awesome report bud - the fishing this year is absolutely awesome. Congrats on some great mature fish. I hope your boat steering issue worked itself out.

Good luck and stay safe,

- Chris

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WTG Hans. Its good to see you take out your brother for a serious Lake Ontario fishing.

Not to rain on your parade, I believe your big fat laker would have placed on the LOC board. Regardless, I am confident that you and your brother had a very nice quality time fishing together.

Tight lines!

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@Motoman- yes I have all welded ring swivels except I was running very large split ring locking swivels on my wire setupes and have been for years without failure until now... needless to say, I went to welded ring swivels on my wires now, though a smaller size than I would like.

@Anthony- My brother comes back every year despite being on the ocean and all it has to offer, he misses this fishery. We both grew up fishing this lake every weekend and both worked many charters... he's been in Charleston for 15 years, but this lake is stillin his blood. And that laker, yeah it may have been 20th place, but we weren't going to waste the effort to keep it and weigh it only to se it get bumped or not be quite big enough.

@Chris- yeah steering work around was perfect all weekend, I just have power steering on one engine and other was in a recirculation loop until we can get the priority valve rebuilt/cleaned up. I slept much better Thursday night knowing it worked like a charm!

@Everyone else- Thx...and just great to get back out and fish hard with my brother... I've caught alot of huge kings on this lake thru the years, but I have never experienced tackle failures and humbling experiences like this for an entire year let alone a single weekend! Time to re-adjust things for the rest of the year, we left some huge fish out there like everyone else has this year.

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