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Oak/Genny Yankee Report

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September 22nd (Oak) - We fished until midnight and had a very good pick on Salmon casting glow spoons, so anticipation for the morning wall bite was high. When we reached the end of the piers the SW winds were NW and we were handed 3-5’ waves. Not what we were expecting!

Anyway, we set out a 5 rod spread. #3 J-Plugs 75’ back out 75†on Church TX-22’s, 2 Lyman plugs off our corners 100-125’ back, and a Moonshine spoon on the center rigger 40’ back down 4’. The #3 Glow Green J-plug would take all three shots on this 4 hour morning trip. Fishing was slow for everyone, and out of the three bites we could only capitalize on one. It was a good one though!


September 23rd (Genny) - We let the charter guys leave and get first dibs on the pier action. We canceled our trip due to weather concerns, so we figured we'd fun fish for 3 hours and then call it a day. Jim Piano joined my brother and I and we pushed off about 6:30am. We didn't reach the end of the pier heads and the 25' diver with a Dreamweaver Black/Dew Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK TG fly takes a vicious rip. By the time we got to the rod it was gone. Most likely a victim of a whipped fly! :lol:

We did the pier shuffle for the next three hours and would manage just three more bites. A three color pulling a Moonshine Carbon 14 took a short ride, but eventually dropped the fish. Next to go was a Silver Bullet J-Plug down 4 back 50 on our corner Cannon downrigger. We finally got this one to the net, and it was a nice mid twenties Chinook. On our final trip up river to our dock we popped another fish on a Moonshine Shelly Snack back 40 down 10' on our center Cannon downrigger. Jimmy fought it to the boat until the hooks popped loose before we could slide a net under it.



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What a crazy day Saturday was!!! The conditions should have been perfect, enough chop to keep the small boats off, overcast and slight rain..............this was the kind of day us combat fishing wall anglers live for!!! In past years we have filled boxes on days like this, as you posted it was a very tough day, I did not talk to anyone that caught more than 1 salmon!!! Oh well.............. I guess we caught them all in the summer!!

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great season to all you capt's that work hard to please your clients,lets hope the upcoming year will be just as great,right now it's steelhead time in the creeks and already it's been super.....see ya all next season stay safe

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