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All my gear for sale "new"

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I have 11 lots of at least 11 spoons each all are new within 2 years and only seen water 1or 2 times if at all. I have 4 lots of 4 cow bells new never seen water ever. I have a lot of 7 spin dr never seen water. I have 2 lots of 9 of pro troll echip flashers they are used but still in good condition. I have 1 lot of flies all brand new I think there are 23 fully rigged I will have a deff number when I post pics. I also have a lot of spinners/penut rigs from hammer head fishing. I will be posting pics and prices later I sold my boat and only owned my boat for 6 months and everything was bought new when I bought the boat. Like I said everything is new a lot still in there packages. If someone wants to make an offer on everything I will give u one hell of a deal.

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