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Favorite Rod and Reel for walleye jigging


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I like the pinicle micro ice reels made of composite and they hold about 90yds of 4lb test. I put 4lb low vis Stren on them as I fish below freezing quite often and it is very limp and builds little ice. These light reels allow for hours of vertical jigging with a pole in each hand. You can even switch the pole in your left hand to a left hand model so when you get a strike on your left rod you drop the right rod and that right hand is immediately available on the crank of the left rod. I like light action 5' 6 graphite rods with a min rating of IM6. Heck quite often you can get IM8s for $30. I do have a jug on my anchor rope so I can toss my anchor and drift/chase larger fish in heavy current situations.

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