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Opening Day

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Great report on opening day guys! Sounds like there were some fish to be had out there. I missed opening weekend this year due to weddings and other family obligations (also missed last night's NY Musky Inc. meeting as well for similar reasons.... grrrrr.....). Anyways, I hope to get out soon enough for first NY trip.

Anyone know what the water temps were out there down on Chautauqua (north & south) and other areas?



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Chad, North is 68.5f and South is 70.2f. Weed edge at flats was 11 ft. 38" & 29" muskies yesterday, with a 27 1/2" walleye.So far 40" & 37" muskies and a 28" walleye today.It has been tough fishing so far.

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Tough fishing beats no fishing. I'm in week 6 of family medical leave taking care of the post-op wife. Cooking,cleaning,watching bridezillas and hgtv. But with all the money I saved on truck and boat gas I can bid up zach's auction. That bait won't go cheap.

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