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RUFF RIDER Live Report Sodus 6/21-23

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Theresa and I are headed up to the lake now.  Should be able to get out tonight through Sunday.  Everyone we've talked to the past two weeks has said how terrible the fishing has been, all I could say back to them was, welcome to June on Lake Ontario!  Unless you're fishing out of the western end of the lake, June is normally terrible until the lake sets up.  Folks can't seem to remember back past last season.  Last season was ABNORMAL and a blessing, not the norm.  If you catch a king in June from any port East of Rochester, consider it a great day.


The lake looks like it has begun to setup, but will probably take a few more weeks.  Let's hope some early fish are wandering around though!





If nothing else, it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend!  The weatherman says it's supposed to be hot and sunny, which normally means the water will be flat!



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Just spoke with my buddy who is out there right now in over 700 ft of water out from the channel at Sodus still trying to locate active fish....he marked some fish down over 300 ft down out there ....probably Charlie Tuna sitting in his lawn chair :lol:  They've had only one release on the downriggers and earlier caught one juvenile King in closer...but that's been it....like you said Nick...welcome to June on Lake O. (and most of the Finger lakes as well). Good luck with the fishing....think I'll stay closer to home and fish here on Canandaigua Lake in the AM for now.



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We are three for three....2 lakers and a Steelie. Divers on the lakers and slide diver on the Steelie. Working 110-130' and it's 47degees 70 down here as well. Will probably troll out deeper in a little bit and see what's around. Hate leaving fish for fish!!! :)

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