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Kooter/Haywire/Oak/June 29,30

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June 29th-Took are good friends Ron and Scott out for thier first ever time on Lake Ontario. Good guys that me and Beers goose hunt with. We started out in a little rain and worked are way out to 300ft without moving a rod. Heard of guys getting quite a bit of King action but just couldnt find it myself. Heading back on a south troll FINALLY the outside rigger with the Fish Hawk explodes. Down 83 and 35 back, 47 degrees it was are Silver Streak brand spoon. I hooked a nice one, handed the rod to Ron and sat back and watchd my good buddy enjoy the best fight he has ever experienced. 15 min fight and Ron had his BFE (Biggest Fish Ever) 18lbs King. High fives and atta boys and continued working that spot but notta. So it was seeming like it just wasnt are day even though i know plenty of guys were doing well, i just couldnt buy a bite. So really wanting to get Scott a fish i headed back into 80 to 40 feet of water and we did a Laker another smaller King that couldnt go back all on outside riggers near the bottom around 2.0mph at the ball and 50ft leads. So that picked us up and then the 3 color takes off and Scott brought in his BFE a beutiful 9 lbs Brown. Boxed that one and are Silver Streak Brand spoon rips again and Scott got another BFE, 10 lbs Brown. Decided to pack it in and head her home. Tough day for us but we grinded it out and went 5 for 5. Me and Beers got to hear "Thats the biggest fish iv ever caught" 3 times. We will never get sick of that!


June 30th-It was time to get Matty back on the boat! Congrats on the baby boy my friend, future Haywires!. Lake was a bit bumpy, we started out where we left off Saturday. Beers drove her east and Matt and i set up the rig in about 10 minutes. I then made everyone vacate being under the canopy :lol:  so i was driving and 5 minutes later are 3 color off the board pulling a big Moonshine was screaming almost like a King was on. We marked a ton of bait in there and plenty of hooks. Beers cleard all are rods and we were confident with Matt :punch: the fish. Awesome 10 minute fight, i circled the fish 3 times and Beers netted the biggest Brown we have ever boated. Are scale said 15 lbs, so we said heck with it lets go get wieghd but none of us were aware that we had to wait till 9 am to wiegh in so we were allready at the dock so we opted to hang out rather go back out for 45 minutes of fishing as the lake appeard to be building. Captains cove took good care of everything and got us wieghd up. WE MADE THE BOARD, 12th place last i checkd. Hope it sticks. Fish was 14lbs 5ounces, one fish in the Spring and now one in the Summer on the board. We are very happy and thankfull. Going to hit it hard this holiday weekend and try to get another one on the board. Best of luck to everybody. 







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Thanks everyone, having alot of fun. I got a great crew, :beer:  and a great wife :heart:  that im making Fish Hawk payments to :cash:   By the way that Brown had Smelt in his belly not the alewives i was expecting.

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