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RUFF RIDER Sodus Live Report Aug 23 - Sep 2

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Great live report! What was the "hot" set-up today?

Can't wait for this weekend....

There was really no one lure hotter than others. The mt dew green protroll with a 6" ITO fly has taken its share though.

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I was out for a while, 

I re tried the video and it worked fine   Thanks for whatever you did Nick!


Just reviewed your later posts - great fishing.- way to go 

(BTW we just started getting the rainy wx here today that you had earlier in the wk)   :bandit:


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I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that it is a digital image (distorts depth cues of close objects relationship to background) and the angle it was taken and held out. I'm guessing it is about 25 or so....It may be  anyone"s guess at this point though and real nice fish regardless :)

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