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RUFF RIDER Sodus Live Report Aug 23 - Sep 2

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This is worse than when they leave ya in suspense in the "Deadliest Catch" when somebody looked like they went overboard ...."Continued next week" :lol:

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Sorry guys, things got frickin crazy out there!


That 220 dipsey started ripping and just never stopped.  We cranked the drag down, slowed the boat down as much as we could, and started circling.  Right off the bat, the fish gets into one of the other dipseys, but luckily I was able to get it untangled quickly.  About 20 minutes into the fight, I began thinking we must have the copper and that's why it's so hard for him to get this fish in... so I start reeling the copper in, but don't feel his fish on it... crap now I have the copper down the middle and his fish is going to the left side of the boat, then to the right and back.  I start reeling like a mad man to get the 550 copper in.  My arms cramped up a few times, but I thought I got it in pretty quick and it wasn't tangled.


20mins later... I'm figuring the fish must be foul hooked or something, because it just isn't budging.  So I go to tighten the drag on the reel and realize it's almost all the way down already, holy smokes!  Then we started gaining line... then the fish got into the two dipseys on the other side and started to go ahead of the boat!  YIKES!  We get all the rods moved and get the fish close to the boat, one last pull and swoop the fish is in the net.  Now I've got the fish off the side of the boat and I have to heft it over our side walls in... yeah I'm gonna feel that in my back tomorrow lol.


The fish hit the floor and holy cow was it long!  It wasn't real fat though.  I was guessing 29lbs, but when I tossed it on the scale it bounced between 31 and 33.  My Dad's best friend hasn't been able to fish with us the last three years due to health issues, so it was awesome to see him land such a beast! 

It was still foggy out and I didn't really want to run in through the fog, so we pointed her south and said we'd troll in a few mins and then pull.  Just as I tell Theresa to start pulling... a dipsey takes off.  My dad fights that fish for a while and then another dipsey takes off.  At this point, it's been almost and hour and we're now into 85fow.  We finally get all the lines in, and run in to weigh in.  32lbs and 9oz was the official weight!  Good for 13th place for now!


Video to come later...




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Congrats on that fish!! Nice one!! I was having the same problem with bent hooks and fish coming off...especially on the wire rods. I usually keep my releases tighter than most. I found I had a better landing ratio keeping them looser. I had even lost one on a brand new cut bait rig with double trebles. I cut off the bent point on each hook and had a better hook-up ratio running 2 double hooks. I almost think big trebles don't easily penetrate in those hard mouths.

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