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St. Lawrence River muskie possible new 'All Tackle Length' world record (see video)

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Just seen this on Facebook today courtesy of Waterwolf charters page..... check our the links



Figured it was one we would all enjoy and should get you fired up for one more trip before the ice or even get you on the ice.... definitely got me pumped for next season for sure!!

Tight lines one and all.....

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Trophyhunter1958.... im planning on it. I'm normally rooted locally when it comes to hunting muskies but since they stopped stocking them in the lower Mohawk we only see the small ones that got lost!!... find plenty of good size northerns but we r yet to break the 37" mark on the muskie family... see attached pics me with the pike and my mate Mike with the muskie

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I couldn't agree more with Ivan's post about the Perseverance of these guys!! Not only fishing in such unfit temps. but at night also, that take a big set of nads if you ask me, one mistake and it could be your life. I give all those guys a lot of credit just for being out there let alone taking trophy fish and doing all the steps in a short amount of time to make sure the fish is released to fight another day. A very special congrats. to all those that participated in the awesome catch and release of those elusive muskies.

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