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Turkey "reapers"


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This looks like a challenge. But it could get you killed or hurt by an excitable person with bad eyesight.

I was thinking the exact same thing and kept reading and yellowdog seems to think the same                               :yes:  :yes:

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Here's a link - I remember a buddy of mine talking about this a few years back.


Personally I think it's dangerous as all heck. Maybe someone will try and tie antlers on their head next to attract a big buck.........



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Definately wouldn't try it on public land or anywhere you could possibly encounter another hunter. On private land it would be interesting to try. Also a safe way that would be fun to try would be with a camera during preseason but you'd risk spooking the birds. I sometimes will photgragh them in April. It's mch easier to gain access to photogph then to hunt. Here's one I took a few years ago.



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I have snuck up on them without decoys and it is fun! But, I was also in the middle of private land.  That being said, last year I was on PRIVATE Land and sitting on a field edge with 2 decoys about 12 yds away.   I had a bird answering to my call when I heard another "hen" on the other side of the property line. Long story short after calling 5-10 minutes a tom with prob a 5-6 " beard comes out to field edge and starts to strut in front of me but is 60 yds away.  I call every once in awhile and he hammers right back each time but won't come any closer. After awhile the "hen" starts coming closer and then stops calling all together.  Again, I am on the field EDGE not in the woods and decoys are out in 6" high alfalfa. You know how things happen in a split second so I will explain the best I can.  I see the hay between me and the decoys  get blown over and hear the BANG! The tom flies right towards me, and flies away.  I yell" What the &%^$ was that" and start running towards where the shot came from.  I get to the wood line and can hear this "hunter" running up the other side of the gully. 

I found his empty a 3.5" lead 6. Not only did he miss the bird at less than 20 yds, he was looking directly out into the open field at my decoys and me!  To say I was pissed would be an understatement. 

Moral of the story:  I knew when I heard the "hen" what he was trying to do, I just figured that after I stopped hearing the call that he gave up trying because it was all POSTED ground.  I never thought he would come over the line because that's something I wouldn't ever do.  So I guess I learned (almost the real hard way) that you can't trust anybody to do the right thing if you don't know them.... Pretty sad.  Sorry for the long post, got my heart rate up just writing this.

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