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Headed out with my brother and Erruprecht this morning at 5:30. We fished water from 100 FOW to 200 FOW. Seemed like our fish came around the 150' mark. We ran 2 riggers, one slide diver and a dodger with peanut fly. First part of the morning was a bit hectic but then slowed down for us. Looked like boats were West of us. We didn't kill them but ended up with 1 skippy, 1 11# king, 1 10# steelhead and another 3 3# steelhead. Had the king run right into my slide diver rig and caused me to lose my entire rig! After that it died off as that was producing for us. We went 4 for 6.

Set-ups that took fish:

DW Frog 48' down over 120 FOW

DW Carmel Dolphin 60' down over 150 FOW

Red 00 Dodger with peanut fly & dipsy - up high

Slide diver with red/white spoon up high

We know everyone was out fishing us but just couldn't get things to stay strong for us out there. Oh well, gorgeous morning to fish.





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