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Any body getting any in the Canandaguia derby?

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We went 9 for 9  but slow bite and no real size...and all lakers biggest 6 plus pounds. Most came off home fly behind flasher or homemade spoon off Seth Green down deep. There was no rhyme or reason to it for us didn't mark all that much but some real deep ones and only a couple clumps of bait trolled a lot of hours for the results we had. Back at it again early tomorrow but another location. The gnats drove us nuts intermittently and I think I swallowed some they were so thick - all over the boat too. Oh....and did I mention the cotton...another PIA. .....I Know....I'm kinda grouchy :lol:  Happens when you're in bed at 11:30 and then up at 3 AM and fish for 12 hrs :)  Good luck to everyone...anyone know the current standings?

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We went 18 for 21 biggest was 7.5 on either Seth green rig or lead core. Had a great day on the admiral bird with dad!! Great to be home and out fish sk8man haha back at it again tomorrow hopefully for the winner

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