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Apple Boy 6/15/14 Sodus

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    Had a banner day sunday morning after getting blown off the lake for saturday. Left the docks at 5:30 and had our spread set up by 6:00am in 100 feet heading north. We set out two riggers two wires, 2 flatlines, and three Lead cores. We had spoons on everything besides the wires. It wasn't long before the action started. Our first fish hit the 8 color lead core pulling a green alewife. Just a few minutes later we doubled up on the dipsy with a screamer. Shortly after jake brought a nice 8lb steelie to the net with Danielle close behind with a mid teens king! Everything we caught sunday was in the top 50ft of the water column. Throughout the day we had many doubles and rods were moving fast. Lost a few steelies on the flat lines and broke a nice one off also. Jake did great for his first time out this season and Danielle did great for being her first time out! By 10:00am we were 11 for 15. By this time the sun came out and shut down the fishing for us. We only managed to get two more hits until 12 but by that time Jake and Danielle's arms were tired. We did the best this weekend in 175ft-220fow. Jon did a great job mating! We finished up 11 for 17 to complete the great day on the water! Cant wait to get out on the water this weekend!   





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