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Stripers at the Race

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My Friend and member on here Gratefultodd did a 3 day weekend fishing in Connecticut.Striper fishing was very slow.The day time bite was none existing for us so we spent our days fishing for Fluke and fished at night for Stripers.We caught a lot of Fluke but only  managed 5 keepers up to 22 in.We only managed 5 keeper Stripers also I got my pb at 37lbs. Gratefultodd got a nice 34lber.All are Stripers were caught on Eels.


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Striper fisherman are one of the craziest bread. I tried it last year. Took my 9 ft gourge rod with 50lb braid. Chucked an 8inch bass popper the tackle shop guy said was hot. I let out half my line and took a hit on my first cast. Thirty minutes later, a guy fishin near me yells that i should get back to shore. I was waist deep in the light surf. He knew i didnt have my first stripper. I was not ready for something with that many teeth. At 2 am that whole experience was a sensory overload. I was just west of the montak lighthouse. Its worth a trip if you ever get the chance. Took me three trys to finally get one.

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