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July 19th LOU walleye event on Otisco Lake


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I wanted to go over a few details for the 19th and put out a current list of boats signed up. Rules are simple and as follows. $30.00 per boat (this includes $10.00 for pavilion rental based on 20 boats) Lines in water at 5am back to weigh in at 130pm. Follow all NY fishing regulations. Cash payout 50% 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd. Everyone can bring a dish or something for the grill and their own beverages. Ill have grills, fryers, and there is electric in the pavilion. Ill be providing fish fry (walleye of course) and bbq'd bacon wrapped walleye scallops. Cookout will be after the weigh in and The DEC will be attending last I heard to talk to us about the angler diaries program and the stocking program. Here is the list of boats currently signed up.

1. JustTracyTrolling

2. rnsurfnturf

3. Pap

4. Pete Rajner

5. Miss em

6. Sluggo

7. Bait-taker

8. Final Flight

9. Ducks517

10. jgsbucker

11. Hermit

12. Eric Reed

13. Chowder

14. Fishhard23

15. Labsrus

16. Fishingskrip27

17. Ronald Allen Sellars

18. Wayne

Couple open spots left and probably lose another boat or 2 so if you are interested in walleye fishing this event is a great opportunity to meet people and learn.

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We are still planning to attend. Will bring a dish to pass.

Any particular harness colors work better than others? Might need to tie some up. We are camping and plan to get there Friday afternoon.

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Hey guys we could accommodate another angler on our fully rigged Islander, particularly if they know anything about Otisco and or walleye fishing, about which I know very little. :rofl:

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Justin, does the marina have crawlers?

Don't know when you plan on coming or where from but the nice and easy right off the tully exit from 81 has crawlers, open 24 hours.  I used to do well on copper blades,(got a better trolling boat so don't pull harnesses much anymore.)

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Ill add you to the list. Everyone can pay when they get here and if you dont make it by 430 am saturday pay at the weigh in. Still room for a boat or 2...it will be a busy with so many of us, but that will just make it a better challenge. Bring a marine radio everyone if possible. Everyone will need to show some courtesy out there and with a radio we can avoid being pinched and dragging gear. The boat taking the inside when passing needs to give the outside boat PLENTY of room. When in doubt YIELD!!! Communication and cooler heads prevail. This is a family fun event not the master walleye circuit.

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$20 for a slip, and its well worth it to just tie up and not deal with the launch in the middle of the day. Ive fished mornings and evenings primarily and had to have a place to tie up between back before I had a slip. If you are gonna get 1 call and reserve it as they can fill up.

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