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Dipsey Problem


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Looking for any help/suggestions to this problem.  When I'm running dipseys (either the regular size or the Mag size) it gets twisted up.  The main line going to the dipsey twists around the leader (6 ft. long) going to the spoon, effectively disabling the dipsey.   I have swivels going to the dipsey and on the leader going to the lure.   I've tried letting line out SLOWLY and still get the problem.  Has anyone had this issue?  What am I doing wrong? 

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OK, so I assume you are hooking the main line to the swivel arm. Sorry for asking a basic question, but I'd rather make no assumptions.

Then off the back ring you have a leader line to the lure?  How long?

What number setting do you have the dipsey on?

Are you putting the weight in the correct position. If you hold the dipsey with the lever arm up, and looking at the back, so you can see the weight, stand on the side of the stern you want to deploy the dipsey and make sure you turn the weight to the center of the boat. That will make sure it goes away from the boat, instead of to the center.

Is the weight tight, or swivelling around easy?

How do you throw the dipsey out of the boat?  Does the lure go in first and allowed to trail before you submerge the diver?

And you let it out slow, as in 1 ft per second (to start, then you can go faster as you get it right).

Do you have anything else between the dipsey and the lure - flasher/??


If you do all the above, there's no way it should tangle.



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