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Just a quick note to give praise to a fine sportsman.

I am new to the Lou site and had asked a question on fishing for walleye out of Oswego. I got an answer back the very same day from one of your members going by the name of landshark. He offered to meet me in Oswego and take me out fishing for browns in his boat. He told me he would show me where, and how to fish for the walleyes in that area.

I met up with landshark yesterday morning in Oswego. He took me out for a great day of fishing . He showed me many things that I did not know.

He catered to my every need,and fished not at all for himself. This young man spent his time and money to make sure that I had a great time. He would not let me reimburse him. I also lost a couple of his lures ! I DID NOT REALIZE THAT FISH FOR FREE DAY IN NY CAME IN YESTERDAY !

It is a privelege and honor for me to have met this person. He brings only good things to the sport of fishing. The LOU organization can take great pride in knowing that they have such a great member representing them in such an outstanding way.

I hope that each of you gives landshark a thumbs up

for going out of his way to help a fellow sportsman.


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Hey thanks buddy. Although im blushing lol. It was a pleasure to have you join me. Im glad to see that you made it home safely. We didnt have the best conditions yesterday. Glass, to east wind , no cloud in the sky. It was slow for us but at least we had a few brownies give us some excitement. I look forward to fishing with you again Don.

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Great to hear things like this from fellow LOU members helping each other out. Too many times, this kind of thing goes over looked and un-noticed and it is very refreshing to hear this sort of sportsmanship coming from LOU members. Kudos to you Landshark :)

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