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What paint?


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Best way is with a airbrush with any lure paint or basecoat clear coat but the easiest way would be spray paint with a good clear coat. Brushing it on would work but won't be even make sure you prep them properly or the paint will come right off.

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If you aren't looking for anything too artistic, you can just grab some powder paint and get single colour spoons done using any oven - including a toaster over, or a torch. If you are looking for professional grade, multi colour finished as mentioned above, you will need an airbrush and compressor. This is my first year trying with trolling spoons -  the one on the very bottom is there for comparison. I have several single colours that you really cant tell the difference between store bought and done at home. An airbrush is on my list of things to get before next winter hits


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Here is how we do it and it works great. Soak them in stripper, rinse with Dawn and hot water. (Lots of Dawn.) If they are still greasy, soak them in acetone and rinse with Dawn and hot water. (These steps are the most important as you need a good, clean surface) once your done and ready to paint, krylon special purpose appliance epoxy works well for base coating. Rustoleum 2x primers also work well. I would stay away from Rustoleum clear coat. Use krylon. I have had bad results with Rustoleum clear. I let all painted lures cure for 24 hrs before clear coating them. 

I hope that helps.


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