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Launched out of river at 330pm ish for a quick trip. Was greeted at the end of pier heads with lots of floating ice. Was not sure as we approached if we could get thru but it was no big deal. Trolled to the west in semi stained water. The really stained from river was heading east. (should we have trolled east?) boated one brown on the initial west troll near Russell. had another definite hit and brief fight then nothing. We thought we had some other hook ups but after ending trip with 2 snags began to wonder if those other "hits" were snags. kinda thought gear was running high enough to avoid snags but considered inlet pipes or some other man made item lying in front of russell as being the culprit. Fished 9-20fow, roughly. Brown hit a chart/white stickbait. I still dont have a spring program figured out, but its too early to get too concerned.



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WTG - glad you got in and out safely. Glad you guys had some action and were able to dodge the debris in one piece! My best action has always been east, but I'm sure there's fish in there west of the pier as well. Loud colors seem to work best in that dirty water.

Thanks for sharing your report and getting the juices flowing.

Good luck this year,


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