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Fishman lost between Grimsby and Port Dalhousie

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I've fished Lake O for 40 years and before I retired served as a police officer for 33 years primarily in the Port Credit area. In that time I had to take part on a number of occasions assisting in the search and recovery of people lost in the lake. That is part of the reason I very rarely went out on the lake on my own and if I did I would always wear a life jacket. Obviously with the cold temp of the lake a life jacket may not have helped but it would have increased his chances and aided in recovery. It's a tragedy for his family and for all of us that go out on the lake. I've said many times that there's no fish in the lake that's worth risking your life for! 

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I still fish solo a lot and in days past I used to even winter fish on Seneca Lake with a snowmobile suit and heavy boots in the middle of snow storms (much younger and more foolish) without a life jacket. Then during the mid to late eighties one of my buddies who was a charter captain went out solo there during the summer and I was the last guy to talk with him at the launch ramp. His empty boat was found washed up near shore hours later. We searched for him for many hours unsuccessfully that day and he was found in 8 ft of water the next day by divers and reportedly his zipper was down. It was a real lesson for me and something that haunts me to this day. The way i look at it now is even if something happens out there you have a "chance" and at least if things went really bad they would find you so that your family would have some closure.....The not knowing would be horrible for family.

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