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Cayuga fish I D

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Caught this "Fish" over on Cayuga yesterday. .. No dots below lateral line , forked tail, salmon head with black gums and mouth and the body color was cold steel looking not bright silver ... Let's hear what it is...


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Well take em on seneca... Bring it on. I'm sure there is kings in seneca and Cayuga. It could happen. I drove my boat from Oswego in the fall to seneca lake in one day. A fish could easily swim that... The lock/canal systems don't stop a fish. Just slow them down.

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There probably a few and I'm not saying I'm a biologist but I would think that it wood mess up the population of other fish in a smaller lakes if there was a lot of them but it would be fun fishing them here and not having to go the o. Do you think they would call it a brownbow at the weigh in at Sampson lol

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