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motor replacement! 383 fuel injected!

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 I am having thoughts  on getting a bigger boat.  But  my boat fishes awesome, tons of room,  does everything i need.  Only thing i want  is  more  speed!   I currently  have a 350 crate motor   holley carb and edelbrock intake mani. on there now estimated 260hp.    I am pretty good with motor stuff and have done a lot of work on my truck rebuilding the motor, and building the motor and high hp twin turbo set up on my car.  


So  my thoughts are go bigger boat or...  put a fuel injected 383 in there not looking for a race boat but to be able to  go high 30's would be nice i can currently go around 27-28 top speed!   I was curious  if anyone is running one and has trolled with it.  I may throw a kicker on but  dont mind  trolling with the big motor.  Just want to know  if anyone has one or knows anyone that has one in their boat and  if they like it,  it is a strocked and bored 350 so was curious  if they would be fine idleing at 500rpm for extended time or if the cam's are too aggressive ( can put a low rise cam in as well) but looking to hear if anyone has any experience! 


 or other motors in the 350ish hp range  people run?

other disadvantages to running fuel injection on the water?

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Call Martin Machine and Marine in Webster, 872-2132, boats are one of their many specialties,

Dan Martin is "the man" to talk to! Ask him what size motor is in HIS personal ski boat!!!!!!...and tell him DEvo sent ya.


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