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2016 Salmon School by LOTSA (coming very soon)


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Greetings fellow anglers and tourney competitors:

I am looking forward to seeing many of you guys again this January at the LOTSA salmon School in Niagara Falls, NY.  George Freeman from Ludington, MI has a lot to say about meat fishing and what they are doing "over there" to grind out boxes when fishing is tough.   He's an old salt but has a different approach to fishing and fishing meat !  I have had the pleasure of having a beer or two with him and "picking" his brain over what the MI boys do to "produce".  Why? because none of us are to smart or to old to learn a new gig !  

Many of you know  "Prime Time" Pete Lahosky from O'Town (Oswego, NY)  Maybe some do not?  but if you fished the Niagara Pro AMs in the 2000's (it is likely he mopped you up like he did me). Pete I.M.O. is one of the best and stealthiest-tactical anglers on all of Lake Ontario.  I won't say that about to many guys but this guy has earned the respect of many! 

My part is simple:  To help dial you guys in to catching fish and catching kings!  North or south shore, doesn't matter to me.  Kings are Kings and they have some tendencies, weaknesses and can be caught when in the right neighborhood.  It is not luck that guys can consistently catch fish or kings.
Like many of you, I don't fish every day on Lake O but I love to fish this Lake and want to get better at my game.  I have a real job, family and life things to deal with. Sound familiar?  However, there are basic things we do and have learned to help us find and produce fish.  That opportunity to hear it will be this January.

Remember: None of us will ever know it all but knowing some things will make every one of you a better angler or tourney guy and may help you grind those two or three extra fish!  

All of the speakers at the 2016 Salmon School are excited about this years event and are excited about supporting LOTSA.

Furthermore, clubs like LOTSA rely on memberships, support and your participation to be a voice for us.  This event is another way to support them and your interest in The Lake Ontario fishery !

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Captain Pete

On Saturday January 23rd the Lake Ontario Trout & Salmon Association (LOTSA) is once again hosting its Salmon School.  This highly successful School, in its 9th year, boasts six hours of instruction  taught by three expert Charter Captains; Pete Alex (Vision Quest-Port of Wilson, NY), Pete Lahosky (Prime Time-Port of Oswego, NY) and George Freeman (Free Style Charters-Port of Ludington, MI).

These three Captains have very successful Charter businesses along with a proven tournament track record of high placement over many years. They are a much diversified set of instructors and will provide a class full of insights and details that no one single instructor would be able to provide. They are all skilled educators with significant experience giving Seminars over the years. Each brings their own unique set of skills and knowledge to the class. Given the depth of the knowledge base of these instructors and their proven ability to educate Anglers, we expect this School to be the most comprehensive, in depth, information packed event ever presented at the LOTSA Salmon School.

for more information and to register for the School, please visit the LOTSA Website at www.lotsa.org

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First let me say thanks to Pete for the kind words. Can't say I even feel worthy of standing on the same stage with the likes of Capt. Pete Alex and Capt. George Freeman. Two of the most accomplished and respected Captains anywhere on the great lakes.  


Next I would like to say thanks to LOTSA what a honor it is to be asked to be part of the seminar at the premier great lakes fishing event!


I am very excited to be a part of the LOTSA Salmon School weekend January 23rd and 24th. I plan on bringing a "eastern end" influence to the salmon school seminar that I hope all the attendees will be able to add to there arsenal.

I have been fishing Lake Ontario since 1988 and for many years in one of the smallest  "rides"  on the tournament circuit. I will be sharing the many small boat tactics that led to my tournament victories (as well as some defeats).  

 Looking forward to a information filled weekend! Hope to meet you there!


                  Capt Pete Lahosky

                  Prime Time Sportfishing          

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The cost is $ 85 for the Salmon School. We are about 2/3 full as of yesterday.  For your $85 you get:


Six hours of dedicated instruction from three of the best Salmon fishermen and Instructors on the Great Lakes


The "Right" to submit the most important topics that you want covered in the Class


The opportunity to spend the day with other Salmon fishing addicts talking Lake Ontario Kings on a Winter day in January – Priceless!


In addition you will get at least your $85 back from:


            The “Goodie Bag†containing the instructors “go to†baits


            A hot lunch buffet with refreshments available throughout the day


            Admission to the full show for both Saturday and Sunday


            2016 LOTSA Membership


There is a reason it sells out every year and that the majority of attendees are repeat attendees, it’s the best Salmon School on the Great Lakes!  


You can signup at www.lotsa.org.

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Pete L., George and I are all very excited to be part of this year's Salmon School this month.  We have the opportunity to meet new anglers, see some friends and talk fishing for a day in January.  Good Stuff !


In 2013 I had the privilege of being part of the School along with another passionate "salmon head" from Oswego; A-TOM-MIK Tom Allen :yes: .  It was a great experience for both of us and like many, I learned a few things from the whole experience.


The best part besides being able to talk fishing for several hours was being engaged with anglers (new-young-old) in a variety of topics and techniques.  


This January, I have the chance to share the stage again with not one but two very good, dedicated and skilled Captains.  :)


See ya on the 23rd.


Capt. Pete


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I love Primetime Pete (Lahosky's) humble post, the dude won the coveted Pro/Am over-title 6 times on the east end. Yeah you want to be there people !!!


The Pete and Pete show will be the seminar of the century in my eyes, Primetime Pete taught me 98%of what I know about catching BT's, when most anglers are taking a fish or two OR NONE on any given Saturday am around say 11am to 1 pm, we're boxed !!! No lie folks. Pete Alex on the other hand led me as a partner to many 1st place wins on the North shore, these guys are the real deal and each hold a different attitude on how to go about it. One is the humble captain who will beat you on tourney day 95% of the time and never say a peep, while the other will take 100% of your side bet action for any size dollar you want to put up !!!


Love it, when these attitudes collide it's only to your benefit !!!


Pete 1 taught me how to catch these




Pete 2 showed me much of this



If you can make it, its well worth working your way into that daunting learning curve that Lady O offers



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Has anyone ever thought about video taping the seminars and selling them?? I would be happy to pay for themas I'm sure others would to.  It dosen't have to be professionally done. I just haven't been able to make it out to any of them over the past few years. I have to save my days off from work for fishing season.   :(

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Has anyone ever thought about video taping the seminars and selling them?? I would be happy to pay for themas I'm sure others would to.  It dosen't have to be professionally done. I just haven't been able to make it out to any of them over the past few years. I have to save my days off from work for fishing season.   :(

Kramer or Seinfeld can do that for you! :lol:

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We still have some seats available, but the room is filling up. For those that don't know, our main website is offline (problem on our web hosting service's end), but registrations can take place at our backup site http://www.lotsa1.org


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We're in the home stretch guys, getting close to another sell out,less than 10 seats remain for what promises to be one of the best Salmon Schools we've ever hosted. 


If you're on the fence, best jump in while you can.





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